Solok Coffee (Padang)

History Solok Coffee (Padang)

One of Indonesia’s coffee is being sought after by many coffee lovers is currently South Solok Arabica coffee. The coffee comes from the region of West Sumatra is now reckoned to have started because of his quality is not lost to other areas of the already famous as first Coffee Mandheling.

The origins of Coffee South Solok

South Solok area is a fertile area, Solok Regency on the plateau is the right land for growing coffee. There have been many coffee farmers Won that start generating high-quality coffee that can be accepted by the wider community.

South Solok regular coffee is also called as Solok Minang Coffee. Coffee is grown in the area between Mt. Talang and Twin Lakes. South Solok’s coffee is Arabica types of coffee. If processed properly and correctly, then the quality of Coffee this South Solok no less than any other country.

Excess Coffee South Solok

South Solok has the excess coffee from its strong aroma. The aroma is most noticeably is the aroma of spicy tomato sauce or spice. In addition the character a sense of Citrus (lemon) and the chocolate note is also made of this South Solok coffee tasted so delicious when at savour.

South Solok on coffee production with organic way. They use natural fertilizer, without pesticides at all. This makes added value for coffee South Solok. In addition, the content of nutrient elements in the mountains in this belongs to Solok is quite high, so the coffee tree can grow with lush. South Solok coffee is grown at an altitude of 1400 above sea level, so it has good quality and no less with his brother Siprok and Mandheling Coffee like Coffee Mandheling Lake Toba












Specification Of Solok (Padang) Coffee

  • Roast Level:Medium to Dark
  • Aroma:Spicy, Fruity
  • Acidity: High
  • Body: High
  • Flavour:Chocolaty, Caramel, Citrus (lemon)
  • Packaging Size:250g, 500g, 1kg

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