Mandheling Coffee (Lake Toba)

History Mandheling Coffee (Lake Toba)

Country Indonesia is one of the best coffee producing countries with quality and unique flavours and Mandheling coffee Lake Toba is one of them. We as a nation Indonesia certainly should be proud of the quality of this type of coffee that has a wide variety of delicious flavors. This type of coffee is derived from an area named Mandheling. The name of this type of coffee is one of the well-known coffee name in the region surrounding Lake Toba. This type of coffee is seen spreading in various places of the area of Dairi (Sidikilang), Karo (Mountainous) of Humbang Hasundutan, (Bucky), South Tapanuli, Mandailing Natal, Toba Tamosir.

We can see one of the views is interesting in view of Lake Toba in the morning today. Aside from the side of the scenery we can also see one of the kind of quality coffee products are quite famous there are in this area. Mandheling coffee type of Lake Toba is the one type of coffee that has had the name with a unique flavour. If viewed from the processing of quality coffee products this one, this coffee through a process that is quite unique.

This type of coffee is grown in the volcanic soil with a high enough elevation and Mandheling are in the area of Lake Toba. With an altitude high enough especially in the region of one type of coffee making Mandheling is famous for its unique flavour. Mandheling coffee type Toba is one type of coffee that is fairly well known especially in the area of Mandheling and not something of a shock when this coffee became popular in other areas.

The Reason For Naming Arabica Mandheling

There are several reasons why this type of coffee called Arabica Mandheling. Types of coffee at the beginning is the first coffee is exported through the port that is in the area of pesisi Christmas Mandheling. And because coffee is derived from the region Sumatran coffee type then this is called Mandheling coffee.

In addition if seen from the type of Arabica coffee on this one is a type of coffee that comes from North Sumatra Gayo and the area. Basically this type of coffee is derived from his own area as Arabica Arabica, Brastagi, Bucky Arabica Arabica Sidikilang and Gayo. If seen of its kind Gayo coffee is famous for its aroma of fragrant enough while the arabica coffee type Bucky is a type of coffee with a unique flavour.











Mandheling coffee type this is the mixing of different types of Arabica coffee Arabica coffee types with Bucky Gayo. If seen from first place the coffee is brought by the Netherlands was at the time about the year 1699. The area named Pakantan is a Sub region is one of the first Arabica coffee plantations there in Sumatra. At the time, this type of Arabica coffee was the first coffee is grown in Mandailing Natal region and taken to an area of North Tapanuli and Gayo Highland (Aceh).

This type of coffee Arabica Mandheling has been known in the world as early as 1878. Coffee is also known to grow well at an altitude of 1200 feet above sea level. For now, this type of coffee is in the Gayo Highlands and Bucky Nihuta. Mandheling coffee type Indonesia Lake Toba has become a brand unto itself primarily in this region.

Specification Of Mandheling Coffee

  • Types Of Arabica
  • Roast Level:Dark
  • Aroma:Floral & Spicy
  • Acidity: Low
  • Body: Medium
  • Flavour:Complexity, Sweet
  • Packaging Size:250g, 500g, 1kg

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