Lintong Coffee

History Lintong Coffee

Coffee Bucky is one type of coffee that is quite well known in Indonesia. As we know Indonesia is known as one of the countries that has several types of coffee that is quite interesting. One of them is a type of Civet coffee has become one of the flagship products of coffee from Indonesia, but other than that, we can see the existence of some sort of other kinds of coffee has also been known mainly in the area of Bucky Nihuta, North Tapanuli area . This type of coffee is Arabica coffee products.

Characteristic of Coffee Bucky

Types of coffee on this one is known to have a taste that thick but still soft. In addition it is equipped also with a fragrant aroma. Coffee is also known to have a distinctive sour taste.

The history of Coffee Bucky

There is an interesting history that lies behind the kind of coffee Bucky on this one. This type of coffee imported by the DUTCH in the year 1750. After drinking coffee drinks can this one is known to have a sour taste in sight. But we can kind of blend the robusta coffee for may reduce the sour taste that is present in this type of coffee on this one. But the draw is coffee Bucky is also known as one of the best types of coffee and has been recognized by the world.

And for those of us who are interested to buy this type of coffee then we no longer have to come all the way to Sumatra to be able to enjoy the type of coffee on this one. We can buy them at one of the cafes in Jakarta. A taste of the kind of coffee this Bucky was known by the world.

If viewed from the development of the coffee industry that exists in Indonesia, we can see the positive side of the coffee industry. The coffee industry can help the Government in its mission to reduce unemployment. We can see how the coffee industry in the country will be able to give an interesting business opportunity for those interested to be able to market the best coffee in their respective regions. Coffee drinks have also can be enjoyed by everyone especially from various backgrounds and diverse professions. We can see the coffee drinks have been available from the stalls to five-star hotels.

The interesting part of this type of coffee itself is from the side of the processing and presentation of the different coffee. This is the kind of taste that makes coffee has a unique taste and can give us many options will be many kinds of flavored coffee. We can try some kinds of coffee.

One of his coffee is kind of Bucky. Coffee also has attracted attention from several countries that exist namely as Germany, Netherlands, Russia, and America. Some Asian countries such as Japan and Korea also looks interested in this type of coffee. Bucky has coffee quality is pretty good.

This type of coffee plants have been introduced since the year 1888. This type of coffee was first grown in the Hill area of Lake toba. In coffee, the kind 19888 Bucky ni have been able to become one of the flagship products of North Sumatra and have been able to add a variant of other types of coffee like coffee and coffee company of Sidikilang Mandailing. This coffee can be one reference for coffee lovers who want to be able to enjoy the type of coffee on this one. We as the people of the nation of Indonesia certainly should be proud of this type of coffee Bucky as part of coffee products from Indonesia.












Specification Of Lintong Coffee

  • Roast Level:Medium to Dark
  • Aroma:Chocolaty, Nutty, Fruity, Buttery
  • Acidity: High
  • Body: High
  • Flavour:Complexity, Balance, Smooth
  • Packaging Size:250g, 500g, 1kg

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