Lampung Coffee

History Lampung Coffee

Lampung since time immemorial is famous as a producer of robusta coffee type of area the largest in Indonesia. Robusta coffee from Lampung much sought after by the world’s coffee industry such as America, Europe, Korea and Japan. It could be said of every harvest, importers of the world come to Float and then buy up almost half the coffee harvest each year.

80% of Lampung coffee dominated by Robusta coffee type. Robusta coffee is famous for its bitter taste that was higher compared to Arabica. Coffee robusta type is a type of coffee that can grow up to a height of 700 m above sea level.

Robusta coffee amounted to 2 x fold when compared with the results of the production of Arabica coffee. This causes the robusta coffee has a cheaper price compared to Arabica.

Coffee robusta type widely used by manufacturers to produce instant coffee that is widely circulated in the market. Get high-quality Robusta coffee is extremely difficult. It takes a process of strict pensortingan and processing to obtain high-quality green bean. Very rare seller Robusta coffee that really mensorting his coffee beans properly.

WKOTWICA Coffee now sells the best quality Robusta coffee Float. Our green bean comes from the quotation of the red fruit is processed into green bean. Then we did a “Triple Pick” for all of our green bean production, so that the quality we produce is simply the best quality green bean. This will have an effect on aromas and flavors of Robusta coffee is produced.

If you try our Robusta coffee, then you’ll find a different taste sensations of Robusta coffee mostly. Our coffee feels smooth, not too bitter (bitter), there is a sense of the character of nutty, caramel, chocholaty, and orange note.

Specifically for Robusta coffee Float, we do not sell green bean. This is because our green bean production is limited to only certain circles. In the production of specifically so that the quantity per month is not great. We only sell Roasted Bean only.












Specification Of Lampung Coffee

  • Types Of Robusta
  • Roast Level:Medium to Dark
  • Aroma:Nutty, Caramely
  • Acidity: Low
  • Body: High, Smooth after taste
  • Flavour:Nutty, Caramel, Chocholaty, Orange note
  • Packaging Size:250g, 500g, 1kg

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