Kerinci Coffee

History Kerinci Coffee

Kerinci is a Regency of Jambi, Indonesia. Kerinci region is lush and beautiful. Netherlands came into the area of Kerinci and then occupied the Kerinci in 1904. Because the soil is fertile, capable of producing a variety of Kerinci primary commodities such as vegetables, fruits and COFFEE, too.

Coffee kerinci most taken from Mount Kerinci. Its terrain is high (1500 above sea level), making coffee Kerinci thrives and produce coffee with a unique and delicious flavor.

While this is indeed still losing prestige Kerinci coffee with coffee of other its like Sumatra Gayo and Mandheling, however slowly elevate Kerinci started up, and coffee farmers in Kerinci were starting to produce export quality coffee.

Excess Coffee Kerinci
Kerinci coffee has a sweet aroma and flavor mixes with the spicy tomato sauce (spice). In addition to taste, you will feel a sensation of lemon acid combines with the natural sweetness of the coffee, therefore it can be said a coffee high Acidity chose Kerinci (High Acid).

While this is indeed a stock of copies is indeed not many Kerinci, perhaps just 2-5 tonnes per month, far below the Gayo coffee stockpiles which was able to produce hundreds of tons per month. Therefore, coffee can also be dikatakn as Kerinci coffee Limited Edition












Specification Of Kerinci Coffee

  • Types Of Arabica
  • Roast Level:Dark
  • Aroma:Spicy, Chocolaty
  • Acidity: High
  • Body: High
  • Flavour:Fruity, Lemony, Long aftertaste, Sweet
  • Packaging Size:250g, 500g, 1kg

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