Flores Coffee (Bajawa)

History Flores Coffee

Flores is one of the countries of the eastern part of Indonesia. One of the areas on the islands of Flores is famous for its coffee results that has spread almost throughout the world. The area is Bajawa.

Bajawa is derived from the word Bhajawa, which comes from the two words “Bha” Java “. BHA has the Arctic “dishes”, and Java has the meaning “peace”. Bhajawa has the meaning as the dish of peace or the region that started the peace to unite the entire Flores become whole.

Netherlands when it’s difficult to mention the word “Bhajawa”, so that they might call “Bajawa”. Then the name of Bajawa has become an official area name specified by the Government of Indonesia to Flores.

History Of Coffee Flores Bajawa

Flores Bajawa has lush natural region. Flores coffee is coffee Arabica type. Coffee plantations in Bajawa has an elevation above 1300 meters above sea level. The higher the plantation area then the resulting coffee will be the better.

The whole process of Bajawa Flores coffee organic, no chemicals. This is one reason why coffee has a strong flavor of Flores and fragrant. The local government is also very supportive of coffee farmers in Flores. They continue to build in order to produce coffee with export quality and best, and seems to have been somewhat successful, as it has now become a contributor to export coffee Flores for great Indonesia.

The advantages of Coffee Flores Bajawa

Eastern Indonesia area such as coffee, coffee has a strong flavor of Flores or strong. In addition, Flores also has a fragrant coffee. The amount of coffee in the Specialty produce not as much from the area of Sumatra. This makes the coffee price has Bajawa Flores is more expensive than coffee regions of Sumatra.

Flores coffee now has exported almost throughout the world. Most exports to the United States. Americans and Europeans really like strong coffee flavor. This year the demand for coffee Exports to the U.S. reached Bajawa Flores 1000 tons, but we can meet export as much as 300 tons only. Not only America, coffee Flores also pursued by Europe, but we haven’t been able to meet the entire demand for them because his number is still very limited.

Some time ago the Government of Indonesia has also set a geographical indications (IG) to Bajawa area. This makes coffee Bajawa worth mentioning as single origin coffee. Single Origin coffee has a higher selling price than coffee that comes from many areas and mixed and then sold to the market.

Flores coffee Bajawa became one of Indonesia’s best coffee you should taste. We sell coffee from Coffee WKOTWICA Flores Bajawa Specialty Grade. We only sell coffee special defects under 4%, meaning that the coffee we sell the best coffee beans contain flawless. The flaw in the coffee beans can be such a hollow seeds, seeds, seeds black burst, there is shit-dirt, and others.












Specification Of Flores Coffee

  • Roast Level:Medium to Dark
  • Aroma:Nutty, Caramely
  • Acidity: Low
  • Body: Medium, Very Smooth, Clean After Taste
  • Flavour:Nutty, Caramel, Chocholaty
  • Packaging Size:250g, 500g, 1kg

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