Gayo Coffee

History Coffee Gayo (Aceh)
Aceh is known to have natural scenery is quite beautiful and as we know one of the charms of Aceh is Aceh’s Gayo coffee. This type of coffee is well known not only in the region of Aceh. Gayo coffee is one of the coffee products are popular enough to be cultivated. There are two types of coffee products are fairly well known product types i.e. Arabica and Robusta coffee.

Between two of these types, the type of coffee Arabica coffee is a product of Aceh’s most well known. The best part of this type of coffee is one of the best coffee in the world. Gayo coffee with the taste that is unique and also with a sense of the type of coffee making tasty Gayo in Aceh is also known in some countries in Europe, Asia and even the United States.

The hallmarks of the Aceh coffee Gayo

There are several advantages of this type of coffee that makes this type of Gayo coffee has been known by the whole world. The advantages of this type of coffee also has opened up opportunities and opportunities for exported to Europe, Asia and America. If seen from the advantages and advantages of this type of coffee is located on the aroma of fragrant coffee and savoury flavours of this type of coffee is known hardly bitter. This type of coffee also has the predicate as a type of premium coffee. With the advantages of this type of coffee is owned, Gayo coffee is able to compete with other types of coffee types.

With the success of this type of coffee can penetrate the world coffee market also positively impact course for the development of the coffee industry in Aceh. It is also helpful to be able to provide ground work against existing coffee workers in Aceh. We as the people of the nation of Indonesia certainly should be proud of the presence of coffee product flagship of Indonesia.

Aceh’s Gayo coffee can also be said can become a brand in its own branding of a product of coffee on this one. We can see Indonesia can be one of the countries with penghasilkan coffee product that is well known in the world. The development of the coffee industry in Indonesia also looks will continue to be able to have a positive market.

We can see how coffee drinks have become one of the drinks that can be enjoyed by various circles. From among businessmen up to among the people, we can see the type of drinks coffee sachets which has also been available in the stalls. If Indonesia’s coffee industry is increasingly developing, of course this can impact both surely create economic development in Indonesia. One of the impact that we can see is contribution Gayo coffee production to reduce unemployment which exists in Indonesia.

With the increasing openness of the field work in the field of the coffee industry, will certainly be able to provide much of a positive impact because as we know that the coffee industry is not just about a drink but more to a top-quality product branding from this type of Gayo in Aceh coffee for example.












Specification Of Gayo Coffee

  • Types Of Arabica
  • Water content 12-13%
  • Green bean defects < 5%
  • Roast Level: Medium to Dark
  • Aroma: Fruity
  • Acidity: Medium
  • Body: High
  • Flavour: Orange, Dark Chocholate Bitter, Banana Note

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