Bengkulu Coffee

History Bengkulu Coffee

Bengkulu is a province in the southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia. In ancient times, many Small kingdoms such as the Kingdom of ethnic, Shaved, Wide Rivers, Pat Petulai, etc., which eventually they unified under the Sultanate of Banten.

In 1685, the British East India Company (EIC) came to Sumatra and later established a trading center in Indonesia’s biggest Pepper. After all this time, finally United Kingdom handed over to the Netherlands to Bengkulu in manage.

The soil is very fertile, Bengkulu so excellent results for plantations, especially coffee. In Bengkulu, there is a tradition of drinking coffee at the time held the customary parties originating from the respective family members. The unique flavor and aroma coffee Bengkulu is increasingly favored by connoisseurs of coffee.

Coffee Excellence Bengkulu
One of the advantages of coffee Bengkulu is his unique coffee flavors. Bengkulu coffee we sell has a mix of flavors of lemon and chocolate delights. We sell Sumatra coffee is Arabica type.

Bengkulu coffee we sell comes from Bukit Kaba. While this is indeed a stock from the garden has not been too much, so to those of you who want to taste the pleasure of this Small coffee should immediately order while stock is still available.












Specification Of Bengkulu Coffee

  • Types Of Arabica
  • Roast Level:Dark
  • Aroma:Fruity
  • Acidity: High in start and then going to mild in aftertaste
  • Body: High
  • Flavour:Lemony, Chocolaty, Herb
  • Packaging Size:250g, 500g, 1kg

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