Bali Kintamani Coffee

History Bali Kintamani Coffee

If viewed from the development of the coffee that exist in Indonesia, we can see there are many different types of coffee that is fairly well known in Indonesia and one of them is a kind of coffee. The original coffee processed products from Kintamani is the kind of product that the coffee had been known by the people of Indonesia. Of particular interest is the type of coffee also has the unique distinction when compared to other types of coffee products. Kopi Kintamani has had its own competitive advantage and have great demand by fans of coffee from different world.

The advantages of this type of Bali coffee

Kintamani Bali coffee kind comes from areas with an elevation of above sea level is above 900. Of particular interest is the kind of coffee agroecosystem Kintamani Bali is very suitable for the growth of the Arabica coffee farm system with known homogeneous, especially in the region of Kintamani. This area is known to have a climate with temperatures that cold and dry in accordance with the air temperature is high. In addition with the fertile volcanic soil makes this coffee plant types can be produced with high-quality quality.

Another advantage of Bali Coffee

Another advantage of this type of coffee from Kintamani is the side of the local cultural history and tradition that makes this type of coffee plant has a quality of high quality. This type of coffee is also known to have a reputation with the name “origin coffee” or the original coffee from Indonesia. Coffee commodities have managed to penetrate the market of Japan, France and several other European countries. This makes us as the people of the nation of Indonesia should be proud against the kind of high economic value products from Bali.

Types of Balinese coffee or commonly known as kopi Kintamani is one type of Arabica coffee which is known to have a sweet flavor and tender. Coffee has also been developed with the system of Subak Abian can help encourage this type of processing coffee organically. This type of coffee is one of the unique types of coffee especially from the region of Bali.

Kintamani Arabica coffee also has a flavor that is not too osphronemidae and also not too bitter. One of the reasons why it has the flavor of coffee is due to the coffee farmers Kintamani has ways and also a high concern on how to pluck during harvest. That’s certainly the kind of coffee Kintamani has also been able to help the economy of the local farmers and the local community.












Specification Of Bali Kintamani Coffee

  • Types Of Arabica
  • Roast Level: Medium to Dark
  • Aroma:Dark Chocolate, Orange, Lemon
  • Acidity: Medium
  • Body: High
  • Flavour:Sweet, Syrup like, Chocolate bitter like

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