10 Ways in Choosing the Best Coffee Beans

Choosing the best coffee beans needs to make a delicious coffee. There are many people who have a business with coffee products at this time. They set up a coffee shop or café as a fun hangout while enjoying coffee. Many consumers will come together with their friend and choose some kinds of coffee which they like.

Nowadays, coffee beans can be found in many places. As an owner of coffee shop or café, you must choose the best quality of coffee beans. If you do not do it, your consumer will leave you. So, as a newbie, you can try some tips on how to choose the best coffee beans. So, how to choose the best coffee beans? This is the ways in choosing the best coffee beans.

10 Great Tips for Choosing the Best Coffee Beans

Choosing the best coffee beans is easy for someone who expert in coffee business. However, it is difficult for a newbie who does not have experience with good coffee beans. In this time, the seller of coffee can be easily found in many places. The seller is not only selling coffee in a powder form but also selling in a beans form.

Buying coffee in a beans form is better than in a powder form. It will stronger and has more durability in its aroma. Choosing the best coffee beans tips below will give you some experience to get the best coffee for your product.

  1. The Roasted Date

The first tip to make sure that coffee beans are good is by finding the roasted date. You can find in its box. It is very important. After you finding the roasted date, you will know that the coffee is still fresh or not. The fresh coffee has better quality than the old ones. Therefore, do not ignore this tip.

  1. Smelling Beans Aroma

After knowing the date when coffee is roasted, you can smell the aroma of coffee beans. When you smell an aroma of coffee, you will know whether the coffee is good or not. Smelling beans aroma also needs to differentiate the kinds of coffee. If coffee have thick aroma, it means that the quality is still good. However, if beans are not smelled fragrance, you can consider buying it or not. Fragrance smell means that the quality of coffee is bad or doubtful.

  1. Buying in Quantity

The next ways in choosing the best coffee beans is by buying in a quantity in the first time. Don’t be rushed. You have to buy in small quantity first and large quantity after knowing that the quality of coffee is wonderful. After feeling that the coffee has a good quality, you can consider to buy in large amounts. It is no problem.

  1. Consider with other coffee beans products

Even if you have tried and felt fit with one particular type of coffee, it is advisable to keep experimenting with trying different types of coffee beans. Why? In addition to increasing your knowledge, this will also make you more sensitive to be able to distinguish which one of coffee that has good quality and an ordinary quality only. To be able to find good quality coffee beans you buy from a coffee agent, and then boil the coffee without sugar or other sweeteners. Choosing the best coffee beans with this way is very important to do.

  1. Finding the quality of coffee beans

To determine or know the quality of good coffee beans or not, it would be better if you look for many references about the quality of a coffee. In addition, you can also find many recommendations from friends who have tried a coffee or about the best coffee agent recommendations. You can also get information and recommendations from some online coffee lover’s discussion forums and look for references from experienced coffee experts.

  1. Buy the kind of coffee you like

Before deciding to buy which type of coffee, it is good if you try it first in the cafe or coffee shop. Everyone has a different taste in choosing their best coffee. Determining which coffee you want to buy will prevent you to choose the wrong coffee. Every coffee has a different flavor. Moreover, coffee has a level of bitterness and acidity, which can cause unpleasant effects when drunk by those who are not used.

  1. If it is necessary, you have to ask the origin coffee garden is planted

It seems funny, but it is good to be known to make sure that the products of coffee are really good. This way in choosing the best coffee beans can be your recommendation. Of course, you will confuse if buying wrong coffee. The smells and flavors of the coffee beans, can be strongly influenced by the circumstances surrounding the coffee is grown. The example is that the best Arabica coffee is growing on the plateau. Arabica coffee will grow max at an altitude of 1000-2000 meters above sea level, with temperatures ranging between 15-24 degrees Celsius.

  1. Visit the seller as much as you can

Visiting sellers one and the other does take a little time, but it is very effective to find the best coffee beans in accordance with the wishes and the willingness of the market


  1. Find the quality of the coffee

The next tip in choosing the best coffee beans understands about the quality of each coffee type. Each coffee bean has different criteria with others. So, you can look some sources to know the characteristic of coffee will you buy

  1. Invite your Friend who has more experience

The last tip in choosing the best coffee beans is by inviting your friends who is expert than you. You can learn from them about how to choose the best coffee beans. In other time, you can go by yourself.

Well, those are 10 great tips for choosing the best coffee beans. It is not easy for the first time, but you can learn later.

The most important thing is that the best coffee beans are expensive than the lower quality. Don’t be rushed in choosing the cheaper one. Do all ways of choosing the best coffee beans above to get great coffee beans you want.