Understanding the Differences Arabica and Robusta Coffee

Coffee is one of the most favorite drinks that you can enjoy every time you want. The strong aroma and taste of the coffee make people falling in love with it. You may know that there are some kinds of coffee that can find in the world such as Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Exelsa. One of the most favorite coffees for the coffee lovers is Arabica and Robusta. Well, if you have not known about the differences Arabica and Robusta Coffee yet, then just pay attention to the explanation below.

The Specific Differences Arabica and Robusta Coffee

  • Robusta Coffee

As you know that Robusta Coffee is not kinds of the coffee that you can find easily. It is because the production of the Robusta is really rare. Some countries that still produce a big amount of the Robusta Coffee are West Africa Barat, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. Not only produce the Robusta coffee, those countries also plant their own coffee on the farm. The differences Arabica and Robusta Coffee you can get from the production of the coffee.

The differences Arabica and Robusta Coffee also can you know by the characteristic of the coffee. The Robusta Coffee has a small size of coffee bean. Compare to the Arabica, this Robusta Coffee has a rough texture of the coffee bean. Besides, the Robusta is also kind of the coffee that really flexible. That is why some coffee farmer can plant the Robusta in the ordinary farm that always has different temperature.

To find the Robusta coffee with the high-quality is quite difficult. But, as you know that the coffee farmers can produce a Robusta coffee in a big amount in every harvest months. The differences Arabica and Robusta Coffee that you can see from Robusta, it is one of the coffee plants that easy to handle.

While for the taste and the aroma from the Robusta coffee is quite strong and bitter. The Robusta coffee contains high caffeine compare to Arabica. It is about 2.2 % of the caffeine. If you smell the Robusta coffee you may think that it just like as a chocolate, beans, and black tea.

The difference Arabica and Robusta Coffee can you know just from the smell of it. This Robusta has a sweet aroma just like a wooden. Usually, people use the Robusta coffee bean as the instant coffee.

While for the difference Arabica and Robusta Coffee price are the Robusta has a lower price than the Arabica. Therefore, when you buy the Robusta with the premium quality, it must have a higher price too. Although the price of the Robusta is lower than the Arabica, it still has a high-quality of the taste and aroma.


  • Arabica Coffee

Arabica Coffee is kind of coffee bean that you can easily find in some country that produces a coffee. There are a lot of the coffee beans sell the Arabica coffee in the market. You can find the Arabica Coffee easily in some places such as Central and Eastern Africa, South America, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. You can easily see the difference Arabica and Robusta Coffee from its amount. The amount of Arabica Coffee is bigger than the Robusta Coffee.

The characteristic of the Arabica coffee it has as long and thin coffee bean. If you compare the Arabica and Robusta Coffee, then you may know that the Arabica also has a bigger coffee bean. Besides, the texture of the Arabica Coffee really soft and a little bit hard.

Arabica is kind of coffee that difficult to produce. It is because the Arabica coffee bean is easy to get some problems when it grows up on the farm. Sometimes, there are a lot of insects that attack this kind of coffee. So, that is why some Arabica coffee farmers give an extra effort to plant this kind of coffee.

The amount of the coffee Arabica is smaller than the Robusta. But the farmers of the Arabica coffee do not panic to face the problem of it. It is because they can easily plant the Arabica coffee in some places. This is one of the differences Arabica and Robusta Coffee that you have to know!

Well, for the taste and the aroma, the Arabica coffee has a stronger aroma than the Robusta. But the taste of the Arabica is a little bit sour. The Arabica coffee is popular with the high acidity. Thus, the Arabica coffee still has a sweet taste but is not quite strong.

The aroma of the Arabica is really fantastic. It is just like a flower and fruit. The differences Arabica and Robusta Coffee also can find on its aroma and taste.  Besides, the Arabica coffee just contains 1.2% caffeine. That is why there are a lot of restaurants and café that use Arabica coffee.

As you know, that there are a lot of countries which provide the best Arabica coffee. For example like Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Peru etc. You can find the high-quality of Arabica coffee bean in those famous countries.

Then, how much the Arabica coffee bean in the market? Compare to the Robusta coffee, Arabica has a higher price. The Arabica has a higher price because it needs an extra treatment. So, that is why the Arabica coffee has more delicious taste and sweeter aroma.

From the explanation above you have known about the differences between Arabica and Robusta Coffee in the world. We have known that Arabica coffee is easy to be found. It is also has a higher price than the Robusta coffee. But, the quality of the taste and aroma of it are similar. Both of them have a different characteristic of the taste and aroma. So, it is really possible that there are a lot of people who love this Robusta and Arabica coffee.

So, that’s all the differences Arabica and Robusta Coffee that you can see easily. Hopefully, this information will help you in understanding the differences both of Arabica and Robusta well.